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    Kleopas is a self-taught Greek cosmopolite musician. He has traveled, lived and played his compositions out of Greece in countries such as China, Thailand , India, Japan, France, Germany, Portugal, Holland, Cyprus...

    He is a Composer as well as a Singer and he plays the Apollon's Ancient Greek lyre ,the guitar and the bouzouki. Listening to Kleopas' melodies one can understand his Greek origins as well as his deep love for world music.



          Professional experience


   On September 14th 2023 , Kleopas was chosen to be the Greek Ambassador of music at the BEIJING CULTURAL FORUM a 

huge national event at which the Chinese Prime Minister was assisting. There , he shared the stage with some of the most renowned musicians from Irak , India, Egypt...not to mention Dr Fang, China's uppermost World music artist.

   In the course of 2023 he developed a new performance called : a Greek music Odyssey through time and space. It starts with the world's oldest written song " The Epitaph of

Seikilos " , passes through the music traditions of mountains and seas  and reaching to the present day with some of his own compositions.

   Among other places this performance was presented at the Symposium Cultural Center for Music and Mythology in Santorini.

   In the meantime, Kleopas's circle of students for the lyre and for singing is growing as well as his Greek and international 

acknowledgment. He is on the teachers of Greek Lyre Academy and will be offering classes at the 2024 international

Lyre school organized in the island of Aegina in June.


     In May 2022, together with Apostolos Preponis, Kleopas represented Greece at the Internetional Festival "Braga Romana" in the Portugese city of Braga.

     In June 2022, Kleopas opened with his music the Congress of the political party Democratic Alarm in Cyprus.


     The same month, he performed with Preponis at the Symposium Cultural Center for Music and Mythology in Santorini.

     In July 2022, he took part in the Festival for Alternative Therapies and Music "Eftopia"  in the mountains  of  Nafpaktia.




     In  2019, Kleopas started a collaboration, Synapsys, with violin and yayli tabour player, Apostolos Preponis. Together they successfully toured  in different cities of Germany in the spring of 2019 .


    On July 6th 2019, in Sciacca Sicily, he played some of his 

compositions on the lyra, accompanied by 9 dancers at the 4 day event of DOLCE & GABBANA Fashion Show, Alta Sartori.


      On May 2018, he opened with his lyre the 2nd Olympic Seed Festival in Greece and he also took part in a  Lyre festival in Drama with lyre players from all over Greece.

     The same year, he was invited with his lyre at the Seed Exchange Festival in Nicosia, Cyprus.

     On June 21st  2018, in Santorini island, he performed

with his lyra at a meditation during a yoga seminar organized by the world famous yoga teacher Shiva Rea.


     In the summer of 2017, Kleopas took part in the   International Festival of Heraklion, Crete, "5+1 Civilizations".         

     Since 2017, he has been regularly playing lyre and singing at the Autistic Center Elpida in Thessaloniki, with great results in the psychic health of the children.




    In 2016, Kleopas played  with his lyre at  the International Trial against Monsanto which took place in the Hague in the presence of Dr. Vandana Shiva.




      In 1996, during one of his trips to Thailand, Kleopas met with Alban Marc "Snoopy", ex drummer of the 60's American cult band "LOVE" and their friendship led to the realization in 2002 in Athens of an album called "Snoopy's Love". 

     In 2000, he created the band NAMASTE with whom he performed in renowned clubs of Greece and at festivals such as the Ethnic-Jazz Festival "Dimitria" in Thessaloniki and the International Festival of Ohrid. 

     Besides, from 2007 to 2018, Namaste was the most beloved band of Santorini island.

     Kleopas is also deeply involved with the Seed Freedom Movement which is embodied in Greece by the organization "PELITI". For this reason, he has been volunteering his music for the last 10 years to the Seed Exchange Festivals organized by Peliti every year around Easter time.

     In 2014, Namaste took part in the International Caravan for Seed Freedom which traveled from Greece to France. They met there with members of the German Seed Movement and as a result, Namaste performed for 3 consecutive years at the Nuremberg Seed Exchange Festival.



                           2007 Namaste by Namaste

                            2008 Feeling by Namaste

                   2012 Shores of the soul by Namaste
                            2016 Ubuntu by Namaste
                   2017 Wandering Melodist by Kleopas


                            2020 Kleopas Synapsys

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